Iceberg Project

this is an open source project which goal is to regroup sofware made to answer my own needs, supposing that other persons have the same needs. I hope that these softwares will answer some of your needs.

The sofwares of this project were initialy made for ubuntu, but for now Gnome 3 and Unity are fully supported. Checkout tips for KDE.

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Synchorep is an opensource software to synchronize two directories, that mean reporting all modifications of one to the other and vice versa. At the end of synchronization, both directories will be strictly the same.

This is usefull principaly for working with a laptop or usb key but may interest also users who want making accelerate differencial copy.

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e-toileShare is a share of your linux home througth a web interface. You can navigate, download (or upload), share your files in a securised way whenever you are.

This project is now abandoned because of the strong dependency with installed linux system (ubuntu, debian, ...) and version. Too much time is needed for that.

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SmallOrmBundle is a small ORM for symfony.

The goal of this ORM is to access data with better performances than lasy loading.

Another difference with almost all ORM is that objects structure is not the reflect of database but the reflect of your request.

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